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5 Easy Steps to Achieve Effective Study Habits

Studying is a passion for some and for others it is a task. The ones who love exploring new things, learn innovative stuff or keep themselves updated with the world love studying. But, the ones who are studying just for the sake of it may find it difficult at most of the times. This article is for all those out there who hate studying and are always looking out for alternatives to skip the activity. Well, developing effective study habits is a bit tricky,  but for sure everyone can adapt themselves to these tips that are going to transform your way of thinking and help you achieve better and effective study habits.

These five easy steps are so going to change your approach towards studying in an effective manner with the right attitude and the right mindset. The basic things you need to take care of before proceeding are try to minimize the distractions around you, set a realistic schedule to practice these tips, and ensure you implement these steps to improve your daily habits. Effective studying is no more the same as long hours of studying, rather it is studying in smarter ways. Read on to know the steps!


1.) Review the lesson plan beforehand: Entering into the classroom with confidence makes a whole lot difference. Hardly a few minutes spent on reviewing the lesson plan beforehand helps you make an impact not only the teacher but also with the classmates. And, this confidence develops an interest in studying more. It is an inborn human tendency that everyone loves hearing praises about them. This also gives more enthusiasm to do a task more effectively. Same happens here. When you review the lesson plan the previous day and get the basic idea of what is going to be taught the next day, you are able to be more involved in the classroom studying as a result. Because you already know what is being talked about now.


2.) The place where you are studying matters a lot: The place where you sit and study should not be disturbing and frenzied. If you are sitting amidst chaos and trying to learn a lesson, it will be impossible to get even a single word of it. It is like knowingly killing time. If you are serious and want to achieve effective study habits, you need to focus on this part as well. Choose a place which is calm and peaceful, where you can concentrate on the text and not on what’s going around. Sitting in a park, or in the drawing room with TV on are ways to get distracted. Avoid such places. Try to accommodate yourself in a small place of tranquillity where you can spend few hours with your books. Make sure the minimum time that you spend with your books is effective and that you are able to indulge yourself completely with your books.


3.) The way you study also makes a difference: Whether you are a silent reader or you love reading out loud, you need to make sure that the words your mouth is uttering are entering your ears and head too. Otherwise, it will just be an exercise for your mouth without any outcome. Develop the habit of outlining and re-writing whatever you read. Later when you do the review writing service, you will see that the things are embedded in your mind. So, studying by jotting down the important points and outlining the complete lesson helps you learn more efficiently and effectively. Many literature review writers have claimed that studying by making an outline format of whatever you read is one of the effective study habits. The reason is simple. The number of zones you utilize while doing an activity, the better is the information retained in the brain. Better retention in the brain makes your learning become more effective.


4.) Practice whatever you study: It is true that practice makes one perfect. Only studying once is not enough all the times unless you are born exceptionally genius. Practicing is vital if you really want to develop effective study habits. After you finish studying, you must write down short points as a summary of all that you read and make important notes while studying. You should underline the important things you feel is necessary to remember. This will help you to revise the lesson at a glance by seeing the underlined items. You can also review the paper format of what you have taken down in your notes while studying. No doubt practicing alone is beneficial. But, having practiced exercises with friends is also effective. It helps you better remember stuffs. Because when you don’t remember something and your friends prompt up with the answer, you tend to memorize it easily.


5.) Make a daily schedule for studying: You should adopt studying as a habit, not a choice. Many are there who pick up books for studying when they feel like or have a mood to do so. This cannot work out for those who want to succeed. A habit is something that is practiced on a daily basis. If you too are keen to have effective study habits, make a proper timetable for yourself, with a minimum number of hours when you are going to dedicate yourself to your books and indulge in studying. This way you cannot steal away with yourself and escape. Daily studying helps you improve and perform better. Daily 2-3 hours of self-study will see you tremendous results in no time. You will not need to linger around holding a book in your hand and trying to mug up things anymore.


These study habits listed out above are tried and tested ways that have proved to be fruitful. Try to implement them in your life and see the transformation in you. You are surely going to experience “The new you!” These five easy steps are really helpful to inherit effective study habits. So, roll up your sleeves and get on the floor to show that you too can. Come on!


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Freya Fletcher

Freya Fletcher

Content Writer at Literature Review
Freya Fletcher is a content writer at Literature Review Writing Service. She believes that her articles can help students in writing. Her life motto is “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours."
Freya Fletcher

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Freya Fletcher
Freya Fletcher
Freya Fletcher is a content writer at Literature Review Writing Service. She believes that her articles can help students in writing. Her life motto is “Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours."

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