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The 8 Best Health Benefits of Forgiveness

Holding on to anger is like holding onto burning coal. You don’t hurt others, but you end up with the worst pain. Anger and frustration will make you feel stressed and worried if you keep on dwelling on the past. Letting go and forgiving people is the best way to have emotional peace. The truth is that anger doesn’t just make you feel stressed and burnt out but it can actually cause physical pain that lowers the quality of your life. In this article, we talk about the 8 best health benefits of forgiveness and letting go.

1.) It can lower your blood pressure

Stress and anger can cause the blood pressure to rise above the normal levels. High blood pressure is related to a lot of serious health conditions that affect the heart and may have life-threatening effects. When you forgive and let go of the past, your blood pressure will drop to normal levels. This means that a lot of the internal processes of your body will get back to normal and will be stabilized.

2.) Stress reduction

Stress that affects you can manifest in different physical and psychological symptoms. A lot of skin rashes and allergies are related to stress. Some abdominal pain is only caused by stress. When you let go of what is bothering you and learn to forgive, you will be able to lower your stress level. This means that you will be better at dealing with different problems and situations and you will be more calm and relaxed.

3.) It can prevent insomnia

Insomnia is directly related to pressure and stress. When you are stressing yourself out about problems and bad events, you will probably find it hard to go to bed to have a night of uninterrupted sleep. This means that you will be tired in the next morning and you will get caught up in a vicious circle of stress and fatigue. Learning to forgive and letting go of anger will help you sleep at night so that your body can relax and recharge for a new day.

4.) It can lower heart and breathing rate

When you are angry and stressed, you will probably experience higher heart and breathing rates which mean that your heart and lungs are working in a way that they shouldn’t. This will make you feel unstable and can cause chest pain and discomfort. Your heart is the most important muscle in your body and you don’t want to stress it out over anger.

5.) It can promote better digestion

When you stress yourself and feel angry, your stomach might start to produce more of the acid that digests the food you eat. Too much of this acid will digest the internal lining of your stomach itself. That is why stressed out people usually feel a lot of pain and heartburn. Stress and anger also cause some problems and disturbance in the intestines movement that prevents the body from properly digesting the food we eat. As a result, you will be dealing with constipation, with abdominal pain or diarrhea that is related to stress. Relaxing and forgiving will ensure that the different organs of your body will work as they should.

6.) It can lower risk of alcohol or substance abuse

People will feel more inclined to resort to alcohol or substance abuse when they are feeling angry or frustrated. This means that when you keep on thinking about what is bothering you, you might feel that you are more inclined to engage in serious alcohol and substance problems. Letting go of the past and forgiving yourself and others make you stronger in the face of problems and you will not need to drink or do drugs in order to face frustrations.

7.) It can lower the symptoms of depression and anxiety

Depression can lower the quality of life by preventing people from engaging in healthy activities and hindering them. Depressed people will sleep more often and will withdraw from engaging with others. Depression might even push people to think about suicide. When you forgive others and let go of what is hurting you, you become more relaxed knowing that you can’t change everything. Anxiety leads to problems breathing, working and focusing on different aspects of life. Letting go and forgiving will help you become more calm and serene and will relieve your anxiety symptoms.

8.) It can extend your life

Because anger and stress affect every aspect of your life, the truth is that forgiving will extend your life and help you live longer. It will also improve the quality of life you are having.



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Hey, everyone! I am Alicia. I am an extremely friendly and who loves to write. I am currently working as a full-time freelance writer in order to spread my thoughts of kindness and love.

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Hey, everyone! I am Alicia. I am an extremely friendly and who loves to write. I am currently working as a full-time freelance writer in order to spread my thoughts of kindness and love.

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