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You Are The CEO of Your Life

You need to understand one simple rule, and I’m going to write it as simply as I can: there’s no shortcut to success. If you’re looking for the easy way out, I’m sorry to say there is none.
Now, it’s not the same as saying success is hard, impossible, and difficult. It’s not. Many people have achieved their goals in a rather easy manner. Maybe they came up with a multi-million dollar idea and created a best-seller app. Maybe they inherited a few simple resources and built an empire on their own. And, who knows, maybe that person can be you. And if you’re not, stop looking for excuses. But if there’s one thing you ought to do to be better is believing you are the CEO of your life, the president of your own personal company, the movie director of what’s happening to you.

What successful people have in common

Some are creative, others are hard workers, others have the knack of convincing anyone, and some are just plain lucky. No matter, they do share important qualities: they focus on themselves and search for solutions instead of looking for excuses and focusing on what they cannot control. The thing is, success doesn’t happen overnight. It often requires patience, dedication, and hardship. Success, then, is just a manner of time, and repetition is the mother of skill. So, yes, keep trying, keep evolving, and keep your eyes on the prize. Be positive, and believe every challenge is but an opportunity to grow, every strive is a chance to learn new things and for every door that shuts a new one opens. Successful people recognize the journey as part of their success. As that is what makes the end achievement special.


What does it mean to be the CEO of your life?

Get a grip on your life by considering yourself as the main character. Going to the center stage means that nor your happiness nor your success depends on someone else. And that everything you need to achieve your dream life is within you.

Time, repetition, and confidence are the essential tools you need. Other tools at your disposal will be:
• You need to have a purpose in life. It can be a career, a diploma, a business, art, a family. It’s your choice. But lacking a purpose means lacking a clear path, the perfect predicament for wandering around life doing what others are telling you to do, like your bosses, your parents, or your partner.
• Your projects are of utmost importance. If you can and if your purpose is something you can achieve through your skills, then be sure to invest some time every day to improve, grow, and evolve so that you are continuously getting closer to your goal.
• Staying motivated can be hard if you’re seeing no progress on your own projects. You can always ask for your friends, family or lovers to lay a hand and keep tabs on what you’re doing. The eyes of others, as they are farther away, will see many things you can’t.


Don’t waste your time on people and places that don’t appreciate you

Wasting time means investing too much of yourself (resources, time, and energy) into people and places that don’t see the value you see in yourself. As you’re the CEO of your life, you can simply fire all of those things that are not adding anything positive to your days. It can be a job, it can be your lover, or it can be friends. Once you see you have nothing more to learn from these things or people, you can let them go and search for a better alternative or a better friend.

Such rule is especially true for jobs, as the attachment we build with people is a rather complex thing. Don’t stay in a dead-end job just because you have to make it to the months end if you firmly believe there can be something better out there. Follow a simple rule: if you have something of value or a talent to offer, you should make money with it. Can you write? Are you creative? Can you design? Can you talk in public? What is it that makes you different than your co-workers? Are your employers seeing this? If not, consider migrating somewhere else where you could put your skills to work

It’s all a matter of what kind of success you want

Remember, you don’t need to go around thinking that life success is only measured by the amount of money you’ve got in your bank account, even if that’s what you want to have in your life. You define success on your own. Chase after your goals, but choose to be happy and grateful along the way.



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Hey, everyone! I am Alicia. I am an extremely friendly and who loves to write. I am currently working as a full-time freelance writer in order to spread my thoughts of kindness and love.

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Hey, everyone! I am Alicia. I am an extremely friendly and who loves to write. I am currently working as a full-time freelance writer in order to spread my thoughts of kindness and love.

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